Elementary School

Grade 2

2nd Grade Curriculum

List of 7 items.

  • Hebrew

    Our main program, “Tal-Am”, is taught in Hebrew and aims to improve fluency in reading and writing Hebrew. Our students enjoy engaging in conversation on many different topics such as; parts of the body, colors, food, clothing, weather, holidays and much more. Their reading and writing skills develop by learning new words every week. Students are assigned “מילים להכתבה" to build their vocabulary. Throughout the week, those words are incorporated into every aspect of the curriculum. They write sentences and build paragraphs using the vocabulary words and are encouraged to use the words in conversation.
  • Judaic Studies

    After first grade, students are comfortable with davening and using their siddur. In second grade, more tefillot are added to what they have already learned. Our students continue to make sense of the meaning of the words they are saying in order to deepen their connection with Hashem. By the end of the year, students know,
    אשרי ,ברוך שאמר ,ברכות השחר עלינו ,שמונה עשרי ,שמע ,ישתבח and .הלל


    Students learn about holiday customs, stories, songs and
    מדרשים. They are taught all aspects of the holidays in Hebrew to facilitate conversation and improve students’ comprehension skills. To ensure that students fully understand the chagim, we reinforce important points with interactive activities to ensure that each student feels connected to our Jewish tradition.

    In second grade we learn
    לך לך and וירא and the main program that we use is, להבין ולהשכיל"". Each Chumash word that we learn is broken down and color coded by its prefix, root and suffix to serve as a visual cue for students. They use this strategy with unfamiliar words and are then able to decipher it’s meaning independently. We understand the פסוק by reading the biblical text and translating it into conversational Hebrew. Chumash lessons are conducted in Hebrew (to further engage students in reading, writing and thinking in the Hebrew language and also to show that the words of the Torah are applicable in modern times).
  • Language Arts

    Students are exposed to different types of writing: descriptive, persuasive, informative, narrative, and journaling.
    Students will study a mix of genres, story structure, and strategies.
    • Story elements
    • Character Study
    • Non-Fiction
    • Main Ideas/ Supporting Details
    • Research
    • Biographies
    • Visualization
    • Mystery
    • Cause & Effect
    • Author Study
  • Math

    Students Will Study:
    • Number/Operation Sense
    • Place Value
    • Addition/Subtraction of 2 and 3 Digit Numbers
    • Money
    • Time
    • Geometry
    • Fractions
    • Measurement
    • Early Multiplication
  • Physical Education

    Westchester Day School is committed to a quality Physical Education Program which is an essential part of the core curriculum deserving and receiving equal priority in the total educational philosophy of the school. Research from several scientific studies are in agreement that daily physical activity improves cognitive function, achievement performance in the classroom, mental health, confidence, self-esteem, the total improved physical health and fitness of the individual, and makes happier and healthier kids. It is with this in mind that each week the students in the lower school (grades 1-5) are provided 4 periods of physical education (30 minutes each), 
  • Science

    Second graders study life science and learn to classify living things by common traits. Students learn to collect and interpret data during inquiry-led units on invertebrates, vertebrate groups, and plants. Students develop their own experiments in our school vegetable garden and get to harvest their own crops.

    Units of study include:
    Scientific MethodLiving vs. Nonliving
    ClassificationInvertebrates (pillbug study)
    ReptilesAmphibians (life cycles)
    MammalsBirds (life cycles)
    Plants (Gardening)
  • Social Studies

    Students Will Study:
    • Map Skills
    • The Marathon
    • Bridges
    • Communities
    • Influential Personalities in American History

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